Print Punch!!!


I have been student teaching and have not been able to do art AT ALL.
I can't wait to be able to sit down and clean my desk to just draw. Oh do I crave it so much!
My sketchbook however, has been filling up with tons of words and doodles, so maybe I should scan them in.
It's more about the time though...I'll figure something out.



My works are now available on PRINT PUNCH!!! What is it? Well..

"Print Punch is a Los Angeles based company offering high quality, affordable single run prints from around the world. Print Punch was created by artists, for artists and art lovers alike, with the goal of connecting exceptional artists with sharp collectors, at prices anyone can afford."

Check it out. It's AWESOME and the other artists are crazy awesome too.

here's the site!


Thanks for checking in once in a while for those who have...I'm still alive and surviving.
I'll give you more update on my art life soon though!

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