So, for Concepts....

"Because I Fell and Scraped My Knee"


It was a long long process of me drawing and coloring... but alas, I'm done with it!

9 spreads in total. I haven't drawn end pages, but I might not have to with this book just because they're almost appropriate for card-board book. Hmm... Although I don't like that idea because in my mind card-board books are kinda... geared toward younger audience that I intend the book to be for.

I'll show you the first couple of pages, and I am planning on printing them awesome quality and hand bind them for Art Market, so if you like the story, shop-away! Woohoo

Hope you liked them! :)

Genie the Giraffe - finals

Yayyy so I finished some! Check it!

This is what the cover looks like...:

The writing for the title "Genie the Giraffe" and the little window for Genie is actually open so when you open it, you see this...

I printed the mock-up at Kinko's and the images came out a little more saturated, but fortunately (?) my class liked it more saturated. So I suppose I should be more confident with the colors I choose and brighten them up a tad more. We'll see.

Here's a little snip-it on the first page. Mind you, It's a pop-up so Genie's head is supposed to raise up when you open the book.

Critique away my friends!