Art Market!

Hello, hello! It's been a while.
I've been teaching Kindergarteners and they, are, ADORABLE.
They call me Miss Mika. That's right.

Few exciting news regarding art:

1) So lately I've been working on projects for Art Market, so stay tuned.
I'm making acorn necklaces!

2) I just made an Etsy account! I'll let you know once I document my necklaces. :) ;)

3) I baked apple pie for the first time with my roommate Julianna Brion!

4) I made pumpkin butterrrr


Map - Barcelona!!! TEN PACES

Woohoo! Ten Paces this week...MAPS!
Julia Kostreva did the original sketch and I did the final.
To be honest, I don't think I did justice to the sweet city of Barcelona.
Sooo critiques are welcome, but please be gentle, colors kinda exploded on me. Meh.

Just for fun, this is the sketch I did for Map...TO DEATH! Muahaha!
And I can't be any more happier with the result of what Natalie Andrewson did.
Isn't she amazing?!


Travelogue: Baltimore

Helloooooo Baltimore!

This is my final piece to complete my Travelogue Fashion series. Hope you liked them!
My works will be up in the Fox building at MICA for another week, so check them out and draw/write something in my sketchbook if you'd like!


Travelogue: São Tomé!

My second fashion illustration:São Tomé

Tomorrow I'll post my final series: Baltimore!
People seem to like that one the most. We'll see how you feel.

Let me know if you have any comments/questions about these illustrations!


Travelogue: Los Angeles

My summer thesis show went up few days ago, and I have NO idea why I didn't post these up!

I completed my summer thesis to draw fashion illustrations for Los Angeles, São Tomé, and Baltimore! I redrew pretty much all of them several times.

Instead of displaying them all at once, I'll post them one at a time.

So come back to check out the others, but for now, here's LA!!!!


Break(fast)ing Bad

Hello hello, and check out Ten Paces and Draw! This week it's Fan Art and I did my final for Derrick Dent (http://www.derrickdent.com/). So you all Breaking Bad fans, check it out!