To make a gift for each of my students in Lifestlyes, and by "my" students I mean Dan Krall's students that I'm TI-ing (Teacher Instructor-ing), I compiled a calendar for them using their illustrations I assigned 2 weeks ago.

This is what I drew for them. :)


Acorn necklaces galore!

Art Marketing!

I've been swamped with teaching, but I'm finally done!
Yesterday was my last day teaching the Kindergarteners with my partner Holly Cloer.
If you don't know her, you should. She's an amazing partner, friend, teacher, and artist.

Anywho, these are the necklaces I've been making!

Oh, and ear rings too!

To avoid acorns rotting, I coated them with some watered down Crystal Lacquer. (You can see the bottle on the bottom picture)
They're super easy to work with, and make such beautiful results!

If you're interested, the product can be purchased here: http://www.sakuracraft.com/

The red seeds? And the tear drop seed that doesn't look like an acorn? Well... the red seed is from a church wood tree called Sibipiruna, mostly found in Brazil. The other seeds are palm tree seeds! Or AKA, baby coconuts!
I found both seeds during my trip in São Tomé and Principe. Due to my limitation with the materials, they are $20/necklace, but I think that's reasonable. I haven't even made one for myself yet.

2 more days... I'll be making labels today. More pictures will be posted soon!