Happy November!

Every entry is "whoa it's been a while" entry, so I'm just going to cut to the chase.

I'm officially moved in to a new apartment and I'm all on my own! It's beautiful and wonderful. My house is all decorated with Halloween decoration. I have everything, except for things to sit on. Including chairs and couches and cushions. But on the flip side, my housewarming party became a cocktail party where people had to keep standing, so it was great!

Happy Fall everyone. Stay warm!


Portrait #1

Portrait of my friend

"Laraba" gouache and pen.
Piece for Blooms of Nigeria, http://bloomsofnigeria.tumblr.com/

Beautiful project where female illustrators were names of the abducted girls from Nigeria to illustrate with a single flower.
I had "Laraba," which means "Wednesday daughter."


Woody Allen

I finally watched Annie Hall; the movie was so great!
There were so many great quotes and moments on how people interact. Woody Allen sure is a genius at capturing human nature and life. One of my favorite scene is when Woody Allen and Dianne Keaton (Annie Hall) are waiting in the line to purchase a movie ticket, and the guy in front of them is critiquing a particular movie on and on, and Allen is annoyed by the way the guy talks with fancy words without much of a point. Allen breaks the 3rd wall and points out to the viewer how obnoxious the guy is.
"What I wouldn't give for a large sock with horse manure in it. ...What do you do when you get stuck in a movie line with a guy like this behind you? It's just maddening." Hilarious.

This is a portrait of Woody Allen from the first monologue:



Congrats to Ravens!!! I am so excited to be living in this city filled with so much excitement.
To honor the Ravens and my pride for the team, I painted Ray Lewis in my sketchbook.
Wishing them great luck and amazing victory for the Superbowl!

(Sorry for the bad quality - I really should get a scanner so I don't have to update my illustrations using Photobooth).


Testing dollar items

Yesterday I went to a Japanese dollar store called Daiso.

They have amazing stuff there! And I found some brushes, watercolor, and air dry clay.

This is me testing out the clay.

Pretty snazzy.
Can't wait til I get to paint 'em!

I only got the black ink, but they turned out pretty cool!

That page was my last page for my sketchbook. Gotta find a new one.
Until then, I'll be drawing in paper napkins and such. You know, the usual art people paper.


Dana Scully

I've been waiting for so long, and now that I've had the chance, I totally forgot to show you the final drawing of Dana Scully!
Last week was the opening reception for the Light Grey Gallery; it's too bad I couldn't make it because from the pictures on flickr the reception seemed like such an amazing event!
Here's some information about the gallery I had the opportunity to contribute in:
"Curated by Light Grey Art Lab's own Lindsay Nohl, Francesca Buchko, Chris Hajny and Jenny Bookler, Girls: Fact + Fiction is a spectacular new exhibition that celebrates women from history, literature, film, music, culture, politics... and everything else!"

View their gallery for more up coming events and information regarding the gallery: http://blog.lightgreyartlab.com/

To purchase a print or a booklet with many other amazing works by illustrators, visit http://lightgreyartlabshop.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-of-girls-fact-fiction-book

Thanks! :)