Happy Belated Pi Day!

Where were you, and what did you do yesterday, 3/14/15, at 9:26:53????

I had lots and lots of pie

Thanks for the picture Katelyn!

Not pictured pies: lemon meringue pie, key lime pie, two gluten-free pies, pumpkin with dark chocolate pie, and many more I forget.
Every year day should be Pi Day hehe. Oh and we had cookies and ice cream too!


Roof top

I went to my apartment roof for the first time yesterday.
I think I built a phobia for heights, but so it took a while climbing up the 90 degrees ladder,
but this is the view I saw.

Anyone one to join me for a drawing session on my roof?


Flower names

I had a tea and the name translated to "Thousand sun rouge." Pretty name.


Musical kick!

I watched Aida last night at my friend's son's high school and it was great! Definitely inspired.
Speaking of musicals, "Chicago" is coming to Baltimore. Anyone want to go see it with me?
With that I'm going to post a drawing I did inspired by the sexy cigarette smoking ladies with raspy voices.


Snow day!

Hurrah! It's snow day!!! And guess what? I have ANOTHER snow day tomorrow!
With that said, so many sketches are being done and I will be completing a tattoo design for my friend S soon. Stay tuned. <3 p="">
Happy Snow Day y'all!


Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face

Michael's is having a contest!!! They're taking you to Paris if you win! The theme is "Springtime in Paris," and you can bake, draw, do floral arrangements, blah blah blah. Check out paris.michaels.com.

Anywho, I did an illustration of Audrey Hepburn from the movie "Funny Face." It's only appropriate to draw a character so in love with Paris for this submission. What do you think?


Website update!

Hello all!

Since last post, I have been directing a musical with the music teacher, painting and drawing more, and overall enjoying my life.
To show case that check out my updated website: