So upon suggestions from friends, I decided to continue my doodling of my daily outfit, into digital!

Check out my other blog: http://mikanlife.blogspot.com/ if you want to see it!

I just started it today so there's only one outfit, but by tomorrow there would be TWO! (if all goes as planned that is).

I will be doing both "indoors" and "outdoors" drawing.

Here's a sample:

Indoors -
so if you like it, come check it! :)

New Story!

Hello hello,
So. Illustrated Book.
I finally decided instead of continuing my work with "On the Way to School," I am going to start a whole new book called "Genie the Giraffe."

This is Genie:

A special kind of giraffe called Superlongoneckaraffe and that means that she has an exceptionally long neck. With that neck, she noses around other animals' business at the zoo.


The class decided the red Genie is the best. And with Jamie's suggestion, I'm going to use the purple Genie for a night scene. 

I want to make the story a pup-up, but with the limited time, I'm gearing toward the slide/interactive book. 

We'll see how it goes. 

Some color scheme studies:

Class decided on the one at the very left.

Any feed back would be great!


children's book...now in color!

So with Nick's help, I finally got my "On the Way to School" to be in color!
I'm not quite done with them, but I'm going to start inking up my other ones tonight.
Snow's crazy, but it's really pumpin me up to do more work. woot!

Check it all.

Suggestions or critiques are welcome.