Summer Thesis - final

I finalized my sketches and I was ready to illustrate the girl, so to celebrate my "yay I finished enough for today," I went to go watch Bridesmaids with my sister.
After spending about 2 hours of quality time with her, I realized the beauty of illustrating "types of figures" is when an artist captures the diversity in people and style. So I decided to draw 4 figures instead, and started the final.

Sketches were never my thing. It's very rare that I stick to my sketches and get the result that I want. In fact, I prefer working directly on the final page and recreating many finals to get the perfect one. It's time consuming, but I'd say I draw pretty fast, so it all works out best for me this way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm still not done, but this is what I have so far:

I couldn't fit the whole image onto the scanner, so there's that weird gradient/shadow, but whatever. It's not the final. If you have any suggestions for the color for the suit, please feel free to comment!


Summer Thesis - LA

So one of the requirements for MAT (Masters in Art Teaching) is to complete a summer thesis before entering the 5th year.

I proposed to my professor Dan Krall that I will be completing 3 sets of series:
3 fashion illustrations for LA, Sao Tome and Principe/Cape Verde, and Baltimore.

In each location I will be drawing a female fashion, male, and a large illustration depicting both female and male in the environment.

These are my sketches for the female:

I think I'm keeping the same pose as the last one, but w/ a better butt. I'm a bit sad I can't show off the thong sandals like in the first two, but I'd rather capture the attitude of LA more than thong sandals anyway. 


For Dad's work - princess series

Last but not least, and definitely my favorite working on these series: Princesses!

I had trouble figuring out how to make a green castle look good...I suppose I managed.

Next project is to work on my Summer thesis. I'll talk about that more next.

For Dad's work - fairy series

So these are the 2 other girls as fairies.

Any comments welcome!

I don't show all 4 because, well, you get the idea once you know what all the girls look like. I just change the color around for each haha.

For Dad's work - ballet series

Summer's here!
Now that school's over, it's time for me to show the world what I've been up to.

My father works as an craft manufacturer and he needed illustration series for the girls.

So here's my first one's. I have 4 girls in total, but I'll just show you the 2 for now. Here they are!

All done in Illustrator

If you like, check out his website: http://www.sakuracraft.com/