I'm back!

Hello my friends!

It's been too long:

May - I graduated! I successfully finished my Masters with Arts Education and am well on my way to teaching children.
Speaking of which, I have finished an interview last week with an independent non-tuition Catholic middle school academy and will be interviewing with the president today. Which basically means I am hired...but not officially. The president needs to give me the thumbs up. Wish me luck!

I have done some drawings though.

To start off with, I have been focusing on job-hunting for part-time teaching so please excuse the lack of up-date and art-making.

To build my portfolio, I made a personal project to do illustrations for the Greek mythology Persephone.

This is my in-progress work for one of them:

I'm hooking up my scanner today, so more doodles and whatnot will soon be uploaded. :)