Testing dollar items

Yesterday I went to a Japanese dollar store called Daiso.

They have amazing stuff there! And I found some brushes, watercolor, and air dry clay.

This is me testing out the clay.

Pretty snazzy.
Can't wait til I get to paint 'em!

I only got the black ink, but they turned out pretty cool!

That page was my last page for my sketchbook. Gotta find a new one.
Until then, I'll be drawing in paper napkins and such. You know, the usual art people paper.


Dana Scully

I've been waiting for so long, and now that I've had the chance, I totally forgot to show you the final drawing of Dana Scully!
Last week was the opening reception for the Light Grey Gallery; it's too bad I couldn't make it because from the pictures on flickr the reception seemed like such an amazing event!
Here's some information about the gallery I had the opportunity to contribute in:
"Curated by Light Grey Art Lab's own Lindsay Nohl, Francesca Buchko, Chris Hajny and Jenny Bookler, Girls: Fact + Fiction is a spectacular new exhibition that celebrates women from history, literature, film, music, culture, politics... and everything else!"

View their gallery for more up coming events and information regarding the gallery: http://blog.lightgreyartlab.com/

To purchase a print or a booklet with many other amazing works by illustrators, visit http://lightgreyartlabshop.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-of-girls-fact-fiction-book

Thanks! :)


Persephone #2

I forgot to upload this! But I redrew Persephone with a whole new concept.

This is it ladies and gentlemen, Persephone:

Quote #1

This isn't a quote, but today I witnessed a 6th grade boy take a plastic knife and started cutting into the milk carton.
Must be drawn.
Here it is folks:

Another excuse I have for not uploading drawings is the fact that I haven't connected my scanner.

This is a drawing of Ghostface, Julianna Brion's cat. It's mostly from memory, which may explain the odd body shape.


School Days

I have to be honest; I haven't drawn at all like I originally planned, and I keep blaming it on school, but truthfully, I'm enjoying my life right now. Maybe it'll take the whole year to settle, but I want to make a promise to keep up the drawing.

So starting today I'll do tiny doodles just to get my days going.

There are quotes I want to remember students say to me or in class. That will be the basis of my drawings. We'll see what exciting, lovely messages students can inspire me today!

Stay tuned.


Dana Scully drawing

Hurray! It's 3:20am and I officially finished drawing for the Light Grey Gallery!

The Light Grey Gallery is holding an exciting exhibition where they will hold works by many illustrators in creating artworks of women both fictional and real.
Here's a link to their site for more information: http://blog.lightgreyartlab.com/2012/08/call-for-art-girls-fact-or-fiction.html
Sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier to share this opportunity with you guys. I'll let you know more cool shows next time!

I was accepted to illustrate Dana Scully from the X-files as part of the Fictional female character.

I can't upload the whole image until the gallery opening, but here's a little tease to show you her face!

Thanks for checking in!


I'm back!

Hello my friends!

It's been too long:

May - I graduated! I successfully finished my Masters with Arts Education and am well on my way to teaching children.
Speaking of which, I have finished an interview last week with an independent non-tuition Catholic middle school academy and will be interviewing with the president today. Which basically means I am hired...but not officially. The president needs to give me the thumbs up. Wish me luck!

I have done some drawings though.

To start off with, I have been focusing on job-hunting for part-time teaching so please excuse the lack of up-date and art-making.

To build my portfolio, I made a personal project to do illustrations for the Greek mythology Persephone.

This is my in-progress work for one of them:

I'm hooking up my scanner today, so more doodles and whatnot will soon be uploaded. :)


Print Punch!!!


I have been student teaching and have not been able to do art AT ALL.
I can't wait to be able to sit down and clean my desk to just draw. Oh do I crave it so much!
My sketchbook however, has been filling up with tons of words and doodles, so maybe I should scan them in.
It's more about the time though...I'll figure something out.



My works are now available on PRINT PUNCH!!! What is it? Well..

"Print Punch is a Los Angeles based company offering high quality, affordable single run prints from around the world. Print Punch was created by artists, for artists and art lovers alike, with the goal of connecting exceptional artists with sharp collectors, at prices anyone can afford."

Check it out. It's AWESOME and the other artists are crazy awesome too.

here's the site!


Thanks for checking in once in a while for those who have...I'm still alive and surviving.
I'll give you more update on my art life soon though!