Pinocchio...now complete!

Here is my final for Pinocchio!!! And I was able to send it to Portugal on time!
Well, actually, I checked the website again last week and noticed the deadline was extended.
So any of you out there with children's book illustration related images, or are currently working on one, go send it!
The deadline has extended 'til the end of October.

So now the drumroll please....

Pinocchio, the last of the triptych!

Lots of white space!
What'd you think?
Well, too late, it's already sent.

But I didn't notice until I printed them that the green I thought were the same actually was a lot warmer than the first piece.
I hope they work well together... meh, oh well.

So instead of having this page to read as the "last page" or the "finale," it ended up looking more like an end page or a cover/back.

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