São Tomé

São Tomé and Principé are small tropical islands on the coast of West Africa.
This summer I had the opportunity to visit there for a month and it was incredible!
I loved everything about the place and the experiences I had there.
I'll post some pictures for you to see:

The red Skittles looking things are seeds from this tree. They're so bright and beautiful, I brought some back with me. They're used as beads to make necklaces, but I'm not sure what else they're used for. The shells belong to this snail and are discarded after you eat them. Yup, I had escargot. Mmmm! These shells are much smaller than the ones I saw on my dinner table.

A lot of the houses in the smaller towns were built above ground to avoid mice and bugs. Aren't they beautiful? And the windows and doorways were usually covered with brightly patterned fabrics.

Yes, the more rich and upper-middle class had washing machines, but we visited all over the island and saw people washing at the lakes, rivers, and estuaries too. I'd say this was much cooler and awesome-looking. Look at the fabrics they have!

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