my goodness...i had a blog?

great start. really.
i totally forgot i had a blog.

so, until i forget again, let me post up more work

these are more of my illustrations for the children's book :)

why does it keep one changing it sideways?!
That's upsetting. So I think I won't put up more until I get this figured out.

So my teacher suggested I change my title for the story.

title I got now: "On the Way to School"

Yeah... the whole story has nothing to do with going to school because the boy practically is stuck at school and uses imagination to figure out why his mother is late.
Can anyone help me figure this out?

Let me post up few more and I'm going to bounce. Ciao

I forgot to mention: Merry Christmas and Merry Belated Christmas.

I'm currently in New Jersey right now with my roommate and friend, Laura. She's a lovely girl. If you see her around, tell her I said hi. We're on our way to go watch a movie!!! Hurrah

When I come back, I'll tell you more about New Jersey on my other blog... where I should be talking about my life.

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